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Wed Jan 25 2006 - 17:34 -

To All of Anna's fans, friends and admirers. With deep sadness I have to announce that Anna has passed away today in an auto accident. She will be missed by all and has always enjoyed her life to the fullest. I'm sure that her memory will always be with her fans and friends. For all of you please say a prayer to her and let her know that she was loved. Sept 9, 1967 - January 25, 2006



God bless Annas friends for reaching out.

Nina Hartley remembers Anna Malle.....

Nina writes on

I've known Anna and Hank since they were an amateurs our of Florida. She visited me and my ex-husband when we lived in Marina del Rey and we gave the two of them all the advice we could. The play was good, too. She and my ex shared a birth date, which made their connection all the nicer. I liked her right away. She was all Virgo: passionate and opinionated, with a very big heart behind it all.She was beautiful, energetic, horny, smart, fiesty and very down to earth. She loved Hank fiercely and he was always there for her.

She was also invaluable in my Guides to Anal Sex and Swinging, since she was an enthusiastic practitioner of both activities. I think she and Hank really sold it to regular couples, as I've gotten good reviews for that tape ever since. We did a lot at the Lifestyles convention in Vegas for a few years in a row, and then she really took off as the Queen of the Swing Scene as I scaled back my involvement due to the unraveling of my first marriage. We made a great pair; blonde/brunette, buxom/slender. Between the two of us a guy would bound to find something he liked!

...We met up again at one of the Lifestyles conventions in Las Vegas, she and Hank taking notes on how to use the business instead of it using her. How proud they were when they had earned enough in only a couple of years to buy a home in Las Vegas. She always gave the best parties at the East Coast Video Show in Atlantic City, I'll tell you that!

I used Anna in her first feature in VCA's 'The Secret Life of Nina Hartley' in a hot jailcell threesome, she was great. And I thought about her great performances in two of my earlier Guides, "Swinging" and "Anal Sex,' and how good she was in them and how sparkling our chemistry. She was dark, beautiful, mysterious, unpretentious, sinewy and horny and just enough submissive. In short, a perfect partner for me. Between the two of us, we had something for everyone.

She had the best cheekbones, courtesy of her Native American heritage, and a fierce yet playful twinkle in her eye. She loved Hank just as fiercely. At her first ever CES (yes, back when it still WAS the CES), at the Sahara Hotel in Vegas, she was signing autographs in a cramped booth. The semi-slimy company owner asked her if she'd like Hank to leave the booth to give her some space. Without a moment's hesitation she snapped at him, "Hank IS my space." I loved that line and admire what it represents.

My heart goes out to Hank at this sad and terrible time.

Anna, you'll be sorely missed, my dear. Thank you for all you shared with me.

Remembering Anna Malle courtesy of

Jason Sechrest of remembers Anna Malle....

Wow, this takes me back. So sad. I spent almost the entire weekend with Anna during my first AVN convention back in 1999. I was what she called "fresh meat," a very wide-eyed 19 year old gay boy who had just started working full-time in the adult business a few months before that. She was part of our "group" for the weekend, as I was working the convention with Danni's Hard Drive. It was my job to look after the girls and there was just no looking after this woman. She did what she wanted, when she wanted. She awakened whenever she wanted to, she drank whenever she wanted to, she had sex with whomever she wanted, wherever she wanted -- and she was completely unapologetic about her choices without being a bitch. She made them endearing qualities through her hilarious sense of humor and an unguarded sensuality that I wanted so badly to emulate. For three days, she was my idol and I regret never telling her. Say what you will about the woman, but she was a regular Sally Bowles and she went like Elsie. What a free spirit! Muah! We'll miss you! Come back soon!

Something else I find absolutely fascinating is that she was taken through no direct fault of her own. People would've placed money on Anna dying at 38 from drinking, drugs, HIV, sexing herself to death, suicide, you name it. She did everything she wasn't supposed to do, I'm certain! But now we see it's possible that she could have lived an entirely chaste life, even perhaps a repressed one, and still been hit by a car at 38. It's almost like Anna had the last laugh.

Lainie Speiser writes:

Luke I am stunned, shocked and horrified to hear that my favorite porn star in the whole damn world Anna Malle died so tragically yesterday. But like the beautiful, unique and glamorous people in the leagues of James Dean and Jayne Mansfield, she went out in a blaze of glory. What is it with these car crashes? Honestly I care loads more about this than Princess Di’s car crash.

I met Anna and Hank during my time at Fox Magazine when she was hired as their Stripper Editor. Technically I met her at AVN ’99 when we were contemplating hiring her. I loved her immediately, she wore her hair scraped back and wore a lovely evening gown. She struck me as a young Joan Collins with her gorgeous high cheekbones. And her personality knocked me out. Anna had confidence, humor, class and most of all honesty. We hired her right away and I believe she stayed with Fox for the next 6 years.

I got to hang out quite a bit with Anna and Hank. I loved them as a couple to me it was the must successful romance in porno history. Sure they could fight like mad and more than once Anna would ask me to keep him away from her, especially when he watered-down her Sky Vodka bottle. I liked Hank very much, he too was smart, dynamic, laid back the total ying to her yang. When I went out with Anna and Hank it was a sheer pleasure. They were real people who enjoyed travel, movies, good food, good wine, music and just enjoying life to the fullest. I didn’t hang out with them for business, I hung out with them because genuinely I regarded them as friends.

A lot of people can say Anna was a cartoon character or a bit of a joke. Truth is she was smarter than most of the people I’ve met in this business. She didn’t sugar coat it, she didn’t pretend it was something more than it was, but she loved it thoroughly. I could relate to her, because we both loved porn most of all because it gave us the freedom to be individuals. And Anna Malle was a most wonderful and unique individual. She had a heart of gold and even though I’ve not seen her in about four years I can assure you that I will never ever forget her, and she will always be a big part of my adult industry memories. THE BEST PART.

Luke when I did a reading at the Virgin Megastore late last year to promote Naked Ambition, I chose to read the beginning of the book about a party I threw with Anna Malle. It went over very well, everyone laughed, and not because I’m such a great reader or writer but because of Anna Malle and how hilarious, wonderful and electric she was. Anna in one word to me is just that ELECTRIC. I love her dearly.

Here is my chapter in the book, I think it would be a loving tribute to print a portion of it, the Anna Malle portion on your site.

Now I have to take a walk and smoke a cigarette and let this sink in.

Lainie Speiser writes in Naked Ambition:

Sephardic Porn Peddler

It was truly a scene out of the film Boogie Nights, complete with its supporting actress and real-life porn star Nina Hartely. It was my promotional party for the hardcore rag Fox Magazine, a closing party for the East Coast Video Show. I was proud of myself because all the greats were there -- Ron Jeremy, Jill Kelly, Jewel De'Nyle, Gina Lynn -- and hosted by my all-time favorite porn couple, Anna Malle and Hank Armstrong. At Fox magazine we had our own special schtick: the actual porn personalities were also the editors and publishers. It was a great tool for a publicist, an easy way to keep the media machine going because the girls were in the magazine every month. Anna Malle was the Stripper Editor, a sexy, outrageous, horny and happy woman who adored being the naughty center of attention. One of the reasons I loved Anna so much that it was immediately obvious to all those who met her that she truly was a fun-loving, crazy nympho who was lucky enough to find a forum that would allow her to behave like this and get paid at the same time. For a promoter like me, it is these women whom you most want to work with because they loved what they did as much as I did.

Anna and Hank made the perfect swinging sex couple. She looked so different than the other women in this business. In a sea of blondes, she was dark and exotic with an American Indian lineage. Her high cheekbones, dark hair, caramel-colored skin and wiry, rubberband of body that screamed high energy set her apart from the rest. She loved to f---. She loved men and women, and even in our off-time she always managed to make every occasion a celebration. Hank was the yin to her yang. He looked like a retired football player, big and blond, mellow and likeable. Of course, he also had a humongous cock and whenever anyone in the office happened to have a big banana we would take a pen and write "Hank's Crank" across it. When they came to town we would all be excited and giddy because they were so much fun to be around. "The Malles are coming!" we would jokingly cry, "The Malles are coming!"

My party with "The Malles" was held at a duplex suite in the Sands Hotel and Casino, outfitted with booze, food, a bartender and a big pool table. By midnight the place was in full effect and I could tell even the publisher, Russell Orenstein, was pleased then again what Italian-Jewish heterosexual wouldn't be. The soiree was dripping with tanned, tight bodies which were topped off with big fake tits, their nipples out and proud in their flimsy dresses and halters, standing at attention like a cherry on top of a frosted cupcake. Anna glowed in a Bebe's number, which was really just a very fancy, silky, gold robe with two buttons fastened at the waist, a matching gold g-string and spiky f----me heels. She ran around the place like a squirrel on amphetamines, laughing and talking and charming the s--- out of everyone. At one point, she was hopping about with an empty champagne bucket, begging tips for the bartender who was swarmed by heavy drinkers like flies to a giant turd. "Everyone! Everyone! I just want you all to know that RON JEREMY just put FIVE DOLLARS in the bucket!" She waved the fiver high over her sleek dark head. "FIVE DOLLARS! RON JEREMY!" And of course we all laughed and cheered because everyone in the business knows The Hedgehog is one cheap mofo.

My boyfriend Tom was there, too, taking photos of it all and looking like Jimmy Olsen turned rock star with his black leather pants and ribbed black turtleneck offsetting his shiny blond hair and teenybopper angel face. He took a photo of me and Nina Hartley, whom I gushed at in admiration. The well-preserved, middle aged sex-pot purred and ran her hand inside of the blouse that exposed my midriff. "Ummm…" she said in my ear. "You're soft and smooth like a woman should be." Nina ran her tongue along the outline of my ear and Tom happily clicked away while my face turned hot and red. "Awww, you're so sweet." I said, "Thank you." Anna jumped to join us for a pose, grabbed Tom's leather clad package for a tight squeeze and shouted, "DAMN, HE'S HOT!!!" Then she turned quickly to me. "I hope that's okay, Miss Lainie. I'm just goofing around." I was touched by her good manners and I elbowed her narrow torso. "Oh, Anna. You know you're the only one I would allow a free grope." Tom and I had met on the job. He worked as a copy editor and our big romance, we suspected, was an object of scorn among some of the higher ups on staff. It was one thing to have a fling, but this was an exclusive relationship and we were in love. Tom and I were quiet and discreet about it, but he was coincidentally fired soon after we were spotted by the office manager cuddling on the #6 train at 8:00am. His presence at this party made my boss Russell Orenstein quite uneasy, but I just decided to ignore it. Yeshiva schooling had taught me a few things. The biggest was never to act guilty about anything you're doing, whether it's wrong or right. Besides, there were plenty of provocative nubiles around, treating him like an emperor.

By 2am it was time to break it up. Anna and Hank were going to use the suite to shoot "Swinger Party" footage for their website and possibly to sell it as a DVD. She had her heels off at that point and stood on the glass coffee table. "I want to thank you all for coming! I want to thank Fox magazine! I want to thank Russell Orenstein! I want to thank Miss Lainie for throwing this wonderful party!!" There were claps and hoots among the guests. Then Anna clapped her hands together and said, "Now for those of you who are here to f---, please stay! And for those who aren't, please collect your coats in the upstairs bedroom!" Tom looked hopefully at me, but I quickly dashed that. "Okay Bud, lets go," I said. In the upstairs bedroom Anna and I hugged and I thanked her for being her wonderful, sweet self. Anna, thin and small boned somehow managed to catch me off guard and knocked me over, landing me on the bed, where she promptly jumped on top of me, straddled me, pinned me down and yelled, "YOU WILL LIKE GIRLS!!!!" Of course, she was joking and we laughed and rolled around like kids. Tom took photos and said, "That's what I keep telling her Anna, but she doesn't listen."
Luke, please for me just give Hank this message. It is with a very heavy heart that i write this I just want him to know that Annas passing to all of us who were ever graced to know her is nothing short of a tradgity. She is the stuff that legends are about not just in this business but in life as a whole. She was what most women can only dream of being.from here first movie till this day and forevermore i have and will consider her and Hank not only friends but two of the good people on this earth and my main regret is that i didnt spend more time with them and that is my loss.

Steve Hatcher remembers Anna Malle....

Luke, please for me just give Hank this message. It is with a very heavy heart that i write this I just want him to know that Annas passing to all of us who were ever graced to know her is nothing short of a tradgity. She is the stuff that legends are about not just in this business but in life as a whole. She was what most women can only dream of being.from here first movie till this day and forevermore i have and will consider her and Hank not only friends but two of the good people on this earth and my main regret is that i didnt spend more time with them and that is my loss.

Hank, I know your a very strong man and i know your flooded with letters and calls just like this one but please know if there is anything and i mean anything i can do or say to help. I am here for you.

All I can do for this moment is believe that she is in a better place and be sad for those she left behind myself included. I can promise you one thing Hank, anyone who ever met Anna will shed more than just a tear and will say more than handful of prayers for you both. You have a massive support system all around you more than you know please don't be afraid to use it and to Anna my sweet you will be missed in ways that one misses a family member by all of us in your extended family but you will never be forgotten. All my love to both of you.


Dear Hank,
I don't know if you'll get this e-mail, but I wanted to let you know I'm really, really feeling for you at this time. I'm so sorry that your beautiful, incredible, wonderful wife is gone. I met you both in Austintown, Ohio, in 2000. She was the feature entertainer at a club called Babylon, and I was 18 and a stripper there. After work one night, I was asked to do a bachelor party, and financially I couldn't refuse, despite the risks of secretly meeting a group of men -- complete strangers -- for an adult oriented performance. I didn't have ANYONE (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) that I could tell about this gig. I was thinking about whether or not to do it in the dressing room; I asked Anna if I could talk with her in private. She let me in her dressing room, and I asked her opinion on this offer. She told me, she would do it; she explained she was wiser and much more careful/street smart as a grown woman, but she gave me her cell phone number to call when I got to the house and when I left safely. The gig went fine; afterwards, I called her and thanked her profusely again for her safety calling card. I remember seeing you at the club as her bodyguard, but I didn't realize that not only were you her husband, but a porn star as well.
The week before she performed at the club, I remember her ads at the bar and on the walls-- "Anna Malle," I thought, "what a strange name!" Well, I remember somethings from her visit. I remember how FUCKING FUN and exuberant she was, she was an INCREDIBLE live performer/entertainer. She was ALWAYS in Jane Fonda workout/pilates video shape, even in her older movies I had seen over the years. I remember she looked a litttle shorter than 5'7, but had a build like me, and I related to her so much because she was half of an exotic, foreign culture (Native American) and half white mix, like me (I'm half Thai and half German, English, and Irish). She was beautiful.
A couple of my friends came to see her during her stay; they were an older couple, 34 and 35, about her age at the time; they were married, his wife was preganant, and they were the first couple I had had sex with. His wife was the first woman I was ever with. Anna was on stage, leaping around like a sex panther (HA! That cologne from 'Anchorman'); she got offstage, ran over to my pregnant friend, straddled her, and started gyrating on her. My friend was ecstatic!! She felt so frumpy being pregnant, and Anna made her feel like a sexy woman.
Anna just kicked ass. She rocked my world, and always will, even though I only met her once in my life. I had sent her e-mails over the years, and even though she only responded briefly to a couple, I totally understand that she had a wonderful, fulfilling life with people she loved to fill her time. I was and am so happy for her and PROUD of her for her work. In an era of porn that centers on barely legal teenage girls who feel like they have to be easy, slutty, promiscuous, or cock-pleasers when they should be focusing on more important things in life, Anna was a WOMAN with EXPERIENCE and the most original freedom and attitude; she entertained and wowwed thousands of men and women, doing a great justice to the very young girls of the world who might otherwise be caught up in the attentions of men that are better focused on a WOMAN who loves physical existence and lives it to the fullest instead of high school girls who should find their own ways in life and experiences with sex, instead of being so unjustly targeted as sex objects by commercial pornography. I'm not dissing the industry, I just don't like that all this 'barely legal' shit makes so many men lust after girls who are too young in life to be overwhelmed by sexual things before they find their niche in the world.

Before I met your wife, I had never watched porn nor had any porn at home. I thought she was so awesome as a person I had met, I had to check out her work. The first movie of hers I bought/saw/still have is Sex Academy 5 with Ona Zee. It's still one of my favorites. She was a goddess in her scene in Fantasy Chamber. The opening scenario in "Short Shorts" was HILARIOUS!!! The one with Mr. Marcus, when his car breaks down? I have purchased so many of her magazines; I LOVED her 2003 "Leg Show" issue, among so many others. I have wanted to see "Luv Boat" for 5 years! I wish I could see ALL of her movie scenes now, and I hope I can see so many of her photos.

Anna was a legend in the adult industry, always will be, and I think her greatest achievemants in that arena are that she aided so many men and couples to have pleasure without guilt, relationships with learning and communication, teaching married people to have better sex lives and be closer through sex. She was a goddess to thousands of men, their beautiful erotic pinup girl. She was mine, too, my favorite porn star! She also inadvertantly became a free speech model; there was never anything wrong with what she did in pornography, and the fact that she had a such a long, illustrious career with so much gusto and true relish is like a big "FUCK YOU" to anyone so conservative to say or believe that porn is bad, evil, wrong, etc. Goodness bless you and your wife. I asked her via e-mail a couple times if she would ever do a calendar, or hook up with some artsy mainstream photographer and pose for some art nudes, etc. The way I saw her, EVERY photo of her was an art nude to me. The greatest thing I have learne from Anna, especially now that she is gone, is to be honest with yourself and your feelings in a relationship and to be fully communicative with your partner. Hank, you AND your incredible wife taught me this. It's something I've struggled majorly with, being in relationships and wanting freedom. If I had secrets, I kept them because I didn't want to hurt my partners with jealousy. I love men and women, too. I love all people, and when it's so easy to see the good in people, how can someone be sexually monogamous? Shouldn't couples want the best for each other, want each other to be happy, and want each other to be completely FREE as human beings? Your wife was a free human being in the greatest sense. God bless you for being her rock, her partner, her freedom, and her home. I marvelled at you both for being so free and open with each other, and for having a LASTING healthy marriage (overall, nothing's perfect, I'm not assuming you guys never had any problems). You're both and example to me and to anyone in the world who has the insight to take heed. Please, if you get this letter and you ever want to write back, I would be as honored to hear from you as I was/would be from Anna. I know I'm a stranger, but if you need ANYTHING or help I could provide, please let me know.

Sincere regards and love,
Elizabeth K.

Chloe remembers Anna Malle......

just want to say that...Fuck...I am gonna miss her sooo much. Anna was the craziest, sexiest, most over-the-top LADY I ever had the pleasure to be friends with. She was the real deal, no bullshit, no apologies, just always shooting straight from the hip. I looke up to her, and our friendship was probably destined because I am the same way. She pointed that out to me once in Tampa on a tour we were together on. Hank was always right there beside her, or at least trying to keep up. My heart goes out to Hank, who is a wonderful man...and has good fisting skills on top of that. I remember so many stories that I could share about Anna and mine's escapades...because most
of them weren't on tape...but suffice to say...I hope she is in the same place where someday I'll end up, cuz I didn't get enough time with her...nobody could of. I remember the moment when I thought to myself, "I've truly arrived in this industry". At some club somewhere in America, I had blurted out some sexual innuendo, as I've been known to do on occassion, and Anna was with me, and she turned to me and said "Fuck Chloe, you're the only person in the world that can still make ME blush...and that's not an easy fucking thing to do." And she's right...that woman had been there and done that 100 X's more, longer, and better than any of us. I bragged for years about being able
to make Anna Malle blush...and hopefully I will again someday. Where ever you are right now, Anna...I still have a couple things to say that could make you blush. And for Hank...I love you and I love your heart, and if there is anything I can do to make any of this a little better, don't hesitate to reach me...I'll be on the next flight. Aside from that, what can one really say to those left behind...except I have NO doubt that she'll wait for you. I LOVE YOU , ANNA. AND I LOVE YOU, HANK!!!!! My sincerest condolences and I've cried more than a bucket already, and I'm not done.


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